Helping people help their horses.

About Us

Karyna Smith has been around and loved horses as long as she can remember. She started riding on her grandma's Arabian learning Dressage when she was about 4, then went on to learn western pleasure and show 4-H. After riding western pleasure for a while she decided to take on a more challenging event Barrel Racing. Her uncle helped her buy her barrel horse and get started. After buying him she found the Cross 9 Ranch in Spiceland Indiana and took her horse up there for training. The horse and Kary both were up there for training for 3 years and after riding some of the ranch's horses  she decided that she wanted to take on another challenge reining. Kary rode up on the Cross 9 for about 7 years riding for the ranch. Including riding the colts, riding finished horses, training her own horses with the help of the ranch owners. They became teachers, mentors and role models to her. 

After leaving the ranch she decided she wanted to help people and their horses the way she had been taught on the Cross 9. She decided not to give up on her training or riding she decided to take her family's farm name and put it with her horses. She now owns 4 horses each of which she has trained and takes on other horses as well. She shows in the American Ranch Horse Association, American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association, Open Shows, Rodeo, and  provides 4-H horses to 4-H kids.

Livestock is another focus on the farm. Cattle, goats, sheep are not uncommon. These are all used for working and training. Kary has had a life of experiance with this as well. Raising uncountable bottle calves, goats, and working on numbers of different farms. Working on the Cross 9 also gave her experiance with cattle and buffalo.

Karyna has also trained in veterinary clinics and has training in the veterinary field to care for both large and small animals. This also helps provide quality care for the horses, and the ability to treat what is able to be trated on the farm.

Lazy S Performance Horses is owned and operated by Karyna Smith